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Jan 30, 2013 5:00pm EST
are their proud parents jack and jackie. we spoke with them today in what i'm liking to call the jack and jackie show. they entertained us for 45 minutes with stories and anecdotes of their young sons and families and pretty much why they're so proud. >> i guarantee the only real fights that i know, that i listened and followed that great coach doight perry was at marry wisely park. jackie harbaugh is the rock of our family. she took them in and out of school and went to school when things didn't go well. this is my hero right here, jackie harbaugh. [ applause ] >> reporter: it was a beautiful moment wednesday afternoon witnessed by the largest amount of media we've seen all week here in new orleans, a not to be missed interview with jack and jackie harbaugh, parents gleaming with pride that their two sons john and jim are facing off on football's largest stage. >> so thrilling to know that your children are two -- john and jim and then joni as a coach's wife have chosen to do what you have done for 43 years of your life. this experience is by far so great, big, big stage, but it's just another
Jan 30, 2013 6:00am PST
. woo-hoo! [ applause ] jacki schechner here's the difference between you and jim ward. >> yes? >> stephanie: well, you texted me during the show to see how i was doing. you had concerned questions and all of that. jim said how are you doing? that's because he's concerned he will get the norovirus. >> what i would like to know is that senator barbara boxer is coming on the show in spite of the lunch you had with her? >> stephanie: chris and i got through it with no incident. >> he didn't throw a roll? >> stephanie: no. yeah. jim was like did you go to the doctor? he would have had me sit in rush hour for and i would have to say my cohost is a hypocontree yak so i drove across town so you could tell me i don't have norovirus because all he cares about is him. ever since that ectopic pregnancy went wrong. here she is, jacki schechner my real bff in the current news center. >> good news for the president this morning everybody. his popularity at a three-year high. according to a new poll out from "washington post" abc news, 60% of americans have a favorable opinion of the presiden
Jan 30, 2013 5:00am PST
, magalÍ ortiz, "primer impacto". ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> bueno, para ver el tiempo, vamos a los Ángeles con jackie guerrido. >>> la naturaleza da mucho de quÉ hablaro. >>> sÍ, chicas, continÚan los cambios. la madre naturaleza hace de la suya de costa a costa, si es residente del sur al menos en arkansas, en mississippi al oeste de tennessee, hasta el sur de illinois, gran riesgo, hasta el este de texas, de condiciones peligrosas, un sistema frontal que generarÍa hasta tornados en prÓximas 24 horas, se desplaza al sureste del paÍs, actividad de nieve desde colorado que se fue moviendo al norte del paÍs, un panorama bastante complicado en el transcurso de las horas, en el oeste de dallas, aviso y alertas de fuego de maleza, por fuertes vientos, la baja humedad, y desde memphis, ustedes sobre kansas city hasta chicago, condiciones muy peligrosas, no se descarta la posibilidad como mencionÉ de hasta tornados, estaremos pendientes del desarrollo de bandas de lluvias y condiciones severas, el sol muestra condiciones estables. recuerde la actividad de mal tiempo se desplaza al sureste. vamos a e
Jan 29, 2013 5:00pm PST
preisdente chavez en cuba pero no dijeron cuando.=== ra s mÚsica pasamos a los angeles con jackie garrido. >> la naturalezleza da mucho a hablar la madare naturaleza s u sigue haciendo de las suyas y si usted es residente del sur , por aquÍ tenemos gran riesco hasta e el este de texas de condiciÓnes peligrosas , etste mismo panoraa se desplaza al suresete del p s paÍpa paÍs, un panorama bastqantant l complicado ahora tenemos al norte de dallas fuertes vientes las baja humedad h hasta chicago tenemos condiciÓnes muy pelig s peligrospeligro peligrosas y no se descartan r tornados , el sol muesrraa co i condiciÓnes estavblesbles pero e esta actividad se desplaza al s este, continua la actividad de n nieve en el noreste del paÍso, l termometro vuelve a descender a los 50 grados , el termometro o como una mÁxima estuvo marcando 32 al norte 88 grados tenemos a masa de aire calida pero no va a durar mucho tiempo esamotamos l hablandoo de 24 horas con tem r temperatura agradables , es todo de mi parte conti8nunuamos con de primer impacto. >> la salud empieza aquÍ y la salud
Jan 30, 2013 4:00am PST
will be at war. their parents, jackie and jack are becoming fast learners when it comes to media. >> you're very conscious about not showing any emotion to where it could be misjudged or construed as if -- >> -- you're for one another. >> -- you have a favorite son. >> reporter: the parents were in a similar situation on thanksgiving back in 2011 so they chose to watch the game from an office in the stadium but the super bowl cameras may be unavoidable. little sis joanny will will wear black, and mom will wear neutral colors. >> you're fighting for everything, the extra hot dog, you fight for girls, you fight for everything. we both got our girl bus we both need our victory here this week. >> we both want to desperately win and be a part of a championship, the great thrill of winning. >> reporter: both coaches insist the big game is about their teams and not about them but with nicknames like harbowl and super baugh, the brothers seem to be stealing the show. >> reporter: and the parents have been very tight-lipped intentionally about where they'll be sitting in th
Jan 30, 2013 6:30pm EST
harbaugh face off on the field. in the stands, their parents, jack and jackie harbaugh, will be sweating it out. >> that thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. and on sunday night, we're going to experience both of those -- those great emotions. and our thoughts will be with the one that comes up a little short. >> reporter: but they are also reveling in the thrill. jack harbaugh was a high school and college football coach himself. >> who has it better than us? nobody! >> reporter: they won't be wearing any team colors, and they won't say where they are sitting. their sons have coached against each other before, just not in the super bowl. last season, on thanksgiving day. the ravens won. >> during the three hours and fifteen minutes, i want you to know, this lady was comatose. >> because of the stress. something all parents of star athletes go through. this summer in london, ally went for gold but it was her parents' anxiety routine that went viral. >> stick it! >> reporter: adding to the stress, the harbaugh parents were the victims of a prank. an unidentified caller offend into a
Jan 30, 2013 12:00pm CST
hosting bradley. i-s-u up big in the first. johnny hill lobs it to jackie carmichael that makes it a 25- to- nine lead. but the redbirds' lead down to one in the second when bradley's jake eastman drains a three from the corner. i-s-u gives up 23 turnovers and loses 83-77. that's a look at sports. your illinois lottery drawing is next. >>winning pick3 9,1,2 >>powerball jackpot 151 million dollars. >>winning pick4 4,8,3,8 >>have a great day and good luck. [ washer and dryer sounds ] for the things you can't wash, freshen them with febreze. febreze eliminates odors and leaves a light fresh scent. febreze, breathe happy. a lot of you may have heard about probiotics but may not realize what they can do for your health. we know what it takes to look good on the outside but with 70% of our immune system located in our gut the core of our health is truly on the inside. that's why i take new trubiotics. it's a daily probiotic that helps in two ways. one helps support digestive health the other immune health. stay true to your health. new trubiotics. from the makers
Jan 29, 2013 9:00pm CST
early. upstairs they go to jackie carmichael, it was 25 to 9 at one point but the braves slowly reeled isu in, and in the second half after one of the birds' 23 turnovers, jake eastman gave bradley the lead and the braves win in peoria, 83-77. that hurt. northwestern gets number one michigan tomorrow. a-rod's among a group of baseball players reportedly dispensed p-e-ds from a florida clinic, and the yankees are trying to void his contract. and if it's tuesday of super bowl week it must be media day. the niners and the ravens at the superdome, they actually sold tickets to this, and a lot people actually bought 'em. the big news, ray lewis denying he used deer-antler spray to help recover from his biceps injury. i thought everybody used that stuff. there were thoughtful questions, stupid questions, and challenging questions. what do you say the race to the 50 yd line? 30 minutes. and also maybe i can get a team picture? hi think it is not good to drink anything blue here. carlos rogers said his daughter was coming to the game to see beyonce and doesn't really care about her dad playi
Jan 30, 2013 11:00am EST
with news. >>> coming up, a huge week for temperature swings. we know it's been one of those, dr. jackie will be here to tell us how this wild weather could make us sick from head to toe. also, she became famous as a member of destiny's child, we're going to sit down with michelle williams and ask her about speculation about the super bowl. >>> and the officer from culpepper, learn his fate the moment it is revealed. that's at 4:00. keith. >> you got a lot coming our way. we'll see you then, pat. >> look at the weather changes tom is talking about. >> yeah, the wind is picking up in, it's been flapping in the wind there in the last hour. flash floods in effect. counties in green, covers the areas in green in maryland. thunder and lightning, and that the storm system now beginning to push into west virginia, about to move into the shenandoah valley in the next hour or so. into the metro area perhaps as early as 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. exiting the region, all the rain ends by midnight tonight down to low 60. then the 50s and low 30s by the weekend. stay tuned. >> thanks for joining us. that's "n
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)